Cardioprotective Effect of Amaranthus Cruentus Extracton Isoprenaline Induced Myocardial Infraction in Rats


Free Radicals and Antioxidants,2020,10,1,xx-xx.
Published:June 2020
Type:Original Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Priya Bisen, Aman Chaturvedi, Aditya Ganeshpurkar, Nazneen Dubey

Shri Ram Institute of Technology-Pharmacy, Jabalpur, M.P., India.


Objective: The present study is focused to evaluate cardioprotective activity. Method: Amaranthus cruentus extract (Dose 200mg/kg and 400mg/kg) in isoprenaline induced myocardial infarction in rats. The ethanolic extract of Amaranthus cruentus was prepared and subjected to acute toxicity in albino rats. The extract was given orally at two different doses 200mg/kg and 400mg/. Isoprenaline was administered subcutaneously (85mg/kg s.c.). Result: The histopathological examination revealed mild infarction and inflammation in isoprenaline treated rats. The ethanolic extract of Amaranthus cruentus showed significant cardioprotective effect by decreasing the serum level of LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels. The biochemical parameters like cardiac enzyme (AST, ALT and ALP) and HDL cholesterol levels were restored. Conclusion: The outcome of the present study suggested cardioprotective activity of Amaranthus cruentus extract.